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Technology International, Inc. provides wide array of services across the entire IT spectrum, including experienced resources, proven processes, and a thorough knowledge of advanced technologies.

With expertise in database management, optimization, implementation, integration and performance management, TII delivers efficient solutions designed specifically to meet customer objectives, budgets and priorities. TII offers a range of custom designed solutions and services, including dedicated and individual support. Thanks to our close partnerships and associations with leading suppliers, we are able to deliver consistent flexibility and quality to meet ever changing market demands. All of our client and projects are supported with superior customer service and training.


System Integeration

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Integration makes the system efficient, TII offers Systems Integration capabilities like star, horizontal and vertical integration that minimize risk while maximizing security, interoperability and compatibility.

TII considers information and technology security to be an indispensable component of every design and application to ensure protection from threats and vulnerabilities while ensuring seamless operation and control of all vital access and organizational data.

TII develops solutions for Application under Tests (AUTs). We provide test automation solutions for all PC based applications resulting in reduction of time, costs, errors, testing cycle time and increased program dependability, accuracy and user-friendliness.

TII offers technology outsourcing solutions to clients by providing technology, processes, domain, resources and management expertise that are crucial to navigate, implement and integrate diverse IT requirements as well as regulatory schemes.

TII offers customized software solutions based on unique specifications and requirements, organizational needs and system objectives by utilizing a solutions-based approach and best project management practices.

TII offers the full spectrum of integration services from assessment through design, implementation, and training. Our experienced professional staff ensure timely implementation and operational support necessary to meet changing goals and objectives.

Our EAs are designed to operate in a corporate environment such as a business or government body. The systems are distributed and mission critical and TII integrates EDMS, CMMS and GIS technology based products for efficient Document Imaging and Management.

We offer services in Operations Support Systems, including transaction processing systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems and Executive Information Systems. TII’s software engineers produce and support information systems built on .NET Framework, Java, ASP, Visual Basic, C#, Oracle, SQL Server, and CORBA.

TII helps you in modeling and simulating systems to predict and help determine decisions or generate data by creating and analyzing a digital prototype, with this, systems are optimized, budget requirements are set and testing is easy.

Training via simulations is an effective way of teaching and making workers or users aware of system’s parameters, it’s working, operations, troubleshooting and an overall understanding of the feel and look of the system which makes them familiar with components of the system and will help them absorb the information.

TII provides secure global access to databases for the storage and retrieval of electronic data and digitized images such as land records, x-ray imaging, engineering schematics and drawings.

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