Our Company Provides Web-Based Solutions to Customers Across the Globe.

Our Capabilities

Our software department team has a wide ranging set of talents and capabilities. We are proficient in the following and are continuously striving to further develop and improve our skill set.

Our Process

We understand how important a website or software system can be to our customer’s needs. Big or small, we approach each and every project with the same guidelines and framework, ensuring our client’s needs are met in a professional, effective, and timely manner.

Information Gathering

We begin with collecting relative data from our customer to better understand the project requirements.


After information gathering is complete, analysis is required. Our team will determine the most effective game plan in achieving our customer’s goal. During this phase we communicate back and forth with the customer their outlook and what they aim to achieve.


Once there is a roadmap in place we begin with the design of the website or software system. We combine innovation and creativity all while ensuring the application is user friendly for our client. Our team is also able to provide samples for the customer to visualize as the project moves along.


Once the design is confirmed we move into the development phase. This is where we execute the game plan.


Post-development and pre-implementation requires effective testing to maximize a satisfactory customer experience. We iron out the kinks and wrinkles in this phase to ensure there are no issues once the project is complete.


After the above is complete, we are ready to publish the project and hand over to the customer.

Technologies Utilized

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About Us

Technology International, Inc. (TII) is based in Lake Mary, Florida and was established in 1992. Our Software Division offers a dynamic variety of services and is skillfully geared to assist clients with their web-based needs. We are dedicated and passionate about satisfactorily serving our clientele and providing them with a flawless experience.

Undoubtedly, as global populations become more technologically dependent, businesses and organizations are having to digitize their content and become more online driven. Whether it’s for better marketing your business, bolstering your web-based presence, or just improving your organization’s internal operations, we’ve got the solution that’s just right for you.

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